Art to Try: Create a Collage like Eric Carle

One of the things we most love about Eric Carle's enduring art is the simple technique that he uses to create it. In a world where images are created and manipulated with the aid of tech, Carle's process is refreshingly handmade.
We partnered with Kayli House and her art studio, Oil and Cotton, to demonstrate Eric Carle's collage building techniques and model fun ways to explore them with your little ones at home.

Celebrating 50 Years of The Very Hungry Caterpillar™

At Little Goodall we are thrilled to partner with World of Eric Carle™ to celebrate the golden anniversary of the publication of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This month we are sharing a little bio about Eric Carle, how he creates his artwork, and how children in different countries experience The Very Hungry Caterpillar™ today.  Also included are links to The Very Hungry Caterpillar's™ 50th Anniversary event page and details about the amazing Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art!

Pumpkin Fairy Houses

On cool fall days, the carved faces of pumpkins peek around many doorways. Traditional pumpkin carving began with an Irish tradition of carving and lighting gourds to ward off evil spirits. When the tradition was adopted within American families, the pumpkin made a better canvas on which to carve spooky Halloween creations. To keep the spirit of pumpkin magic in your family’s fall festivities, try a project the whole family can enjoy together: craft a Pumpkin Fairy House!