About Us

Do you remember the first piece of clothing that you loved?

That dress or cape that turned you into someone or something else, or maybe made you feel like a different version of yourself - the hat or jacket you couldn't wait to put on and play?

I do. Mine was a pink cotton dress in a rosebud print, with bows at the shoulders. I saw it in a mail order catalog. I remember the magic I felt when I first spotted it in the photo, and the feeling of wonder and possibility when a week or so later my mom pulled a package out of the mailbox and unwrapped the dress. THAT dress. It was the most beautiful dress I had ever seen, and when I put it on I was a princess powerful enough to slay all the dragons. I could go anywhere, I could do anything, I could be anything I wanted to be in That Dress.

I was actually only three. A little girl living with her parents in a little A-frame house in the woods, but at three years old I knew that That Dress was my destiny. And today, as a Mama with a boy of my own, I know and understand more than ever the transformative ability clothing has to inspire and enrich play. 

My name is Molly Goodall, and I created Little Goodall in 2010, when my two year old son refused to wear the hoods on his coats. Remembering the pink rosebud dress I loved to wear at age three, I found a creative solution by making a wool lion coat to reflect his personality and love of adventure - being a lion made wearing a coat fun! Soon he wouldn't leave home without it and wore it rain or shine. Friends and neighbors commented on my fierce little lion, requests were made for jackets for their own kids, and today it is my greatest pleasure to design whimsical and unique clothing for children around the world.

Before becoming a Mother of Lions (and dinosaurs, unicorns, bunnies...) I earned my BFA in Fashion Design from Parsons School of Design and worked as a toy designer, visual artist, and art educator. My creative sewing book Wild Things to Sew and Wear was published in 2014 by St. Martin's Press. Today Little Goodall is a thriving family owned business where we are honored to collaborate with cherished literary legacies like World of Eric Carle and Paddington to design and ethically make unparalleled coats, clothing, and accessories or children and women. 

We've come a long way from that little pink rosebud dress that first inspired me, but our mission is the same: designs that delight, clothing that celebrates childhood.

At Little Goodall we are in the business of creating magical clothing for children. We don't want to make everything your little one wears; just the things they'll still remember when they have kids of their own. 

Learn more about our unique Little Goodall clothing design process hereAnd while you're there, drop me an email and tell me about your first favorite piece of clothing.