Red Riding Hood and Lucy Owl

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Are you familiar with Hazel Village? It's a line of the most charming and creative woodland animal toys, designed by Jane Van Cleef. I am definitely a fan, so you can imagine my excitement when asked if they could use a Little Goodall Red Riding Hood coat in their recent photo shoot!

Lucy Owl and Red Riding Hood

I love, love, love the resulting images!

The little Hazel Village animal friend is Lucy Owl, and she is wearing her own little red hood. My son is keen on Lucas Rabbit. They are all made from organic cotton, and you can even have a child's initials monogrammed on them. Oh, and they have clothes. Really cute clothes.

What a darling pair!

The Red Riding Hood Coat has some unique features which make it a standout in the Little Goodall collection. It quietly entered the line last winter and has become a customer favorite.

I was tossing around the idea of a Red Riding Hood cape when I found a the perfect red fabric - a thick, rustic wool/nylon blend. During the early stages of the design, I decided a coat would be more practical than a cape, and that Red Riding Hood might have preferred sleeves herself, had she the option.


Then, instead of the satin-y lining I use in most of my coats, something more fairytale seemed in order. I knew I'd found it in this vintage-inspired floral. Classic and composed on the outside, it's a riot of color within - like a lot of little girls I know! The sleeves are still lined in charmeuse so they slip on and off over sweaters and fleeces smoothly.

Sweeping Collar and Hood

Of course, the most important detail of all is the hood. This one has a secret - it's detachable! Six custom dyed buttons hold the hood securely in place. When it's off, they hide under the collar and the coat has an entirely different look.

Removable hood!

Other unique details include two piece sleeves, bias back panels, and beautiful topstitching on the pockets. And, as always, made with love in the USA!

After many requests, I am happy to say that a Ladies version will be available this fall as part of the Mrs. Goodall line. I spent this spring wearing the final sample, and was stopped on the street several times by ladies asking where they could find one!

Ready to go to grandmother's house!

Do you know an adventurous little girl who would love a coat like this? They are 25% off, but only through midnight tomorrow! Remember - the coupon code is HELLOWORLD.

And be sure to visit Hazel Village and check out all the precious woodland animal toys!


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