A Storybook Sundress: Completely Awwww Inspiring!

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I always strive to include playful elements in my designs, and this Limited Edition Cat and Mouse Dress is one of my all time favorites.

Little Goodall Spring 2014 Cat and Mouse Dress

It started with the idea of a dress with little mice whose tails are tied in a bow at the waist. So irresistible for little hands to play with! The mice have lots of secrets to share.

Two little stuffed mice, with hand tucked ears

Then I needed some drama, a bit of excitement - there is a sleeping cat! Will it wake and see the mice? Can they hide in the folds of the skirt in time? Perhaps a ruffle would give them something to hide under?

Embroidered sleeping kitty on the bodice, with dimensional ears

How will the story end? With five shiny shell buttons down the back of course.

Sweet and neat!

As simple as this story is, the construction of the dress is rather sophisticated. Made of fine linen, it is as cool as it is sweet! The bias ruffle on the skirt sweeps up and down a wavy seam. Kitty's face is embroidered by my favorite local embroidery shop, and the eyes on the mice are hand sewn. The dress has a built in linen underskirt for extra twirl, and the shoulder straps adjust with buttons to allow for longer wear. The dressmaker construction is beautiful and precise.

Cat and Mouse dress notions - bias binding, spaghetti, and just sewn cat ears.

The true test of any garment is in the delight of the wearer, and our model was delighted indeed!

So charming! The hard part was getting her to take it off!

My very Limited Edition is in stock, ready to ship to parties and picnics and tea with the Queen. Order today before the cats wake up and the mice scamper away!

Limited Edition Cat and Mouse Dresses.



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