Measuring Guide & Size Charts

Size Charts

These tables will help you find the right size corresponding to your child’s measurements. 
We recommend that you consult this size chart during your purchase.


Size Charts Inches.jpg



Caring for Felt Coats

  • All Little Goodall felt coats are dry clean only.
  • Many animals need time to acclimate to new homes. If your new coat has fuzzy or furry parts, it may shed for a while until it is comfortable. This is normal and to be expected; soon it will settle into a nice soft fluff! You can speed up the process with a trip to the groomer (drycleaner).
  • If your coat has wrinkled or needs freshening up, it can be ironed at a high heat setting (wool or cotton) with steam.
  • Store your coat in a cedar lined box or drawer in the off-season to protect form moths. Flat storage is recommended instead of hanging.
  • Wool felt naturally repel dirt and water. Wipe off liquid spills immediately and remove food stains by gently scraping.