Mixup Superpink Six Button Luxe Bunny in Grey Size 4T

Superpinkgrey 2.jpeg
Superpinkgrey 2.jpeg

Mixup Superpink Six Button Luxe Bunny in Grey Size 4T

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Whaaaat?? We had a color combo mixup and then our buttonhole maker got a little excited one day and put SIX buttons on a batch of our FOUR button Luxe Bunny Coats in Grey, size 4T. What does that mean? LUCKY YOU! The peachy pink trim looks great with the grey, you get a discount AND two extra buttons on a jacket that's first quality and super cute to boot (was it possible to make these coats even cuter? The buttonhole guy may have a future in design....)

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Our grey Luxe Bunny Coat is made of plush 100% Wool felt and lined in super soft cuddle plush!

The clean, classic style features cuffed sleeves which roll down for longer wear, four buttons and the loveliest long bunny ears imaginable. Welt pockets lined in pink will warm a chilled little paw or hold a bunny snack. Styled with a shorter length to show off skirts and dresses, possibly the cutest thing ever over a pair of jeans and striped tee!

Sleeves lined in poly peau de soie to slide easily on and off over clothing.

Beautifully made and finished, inside and out, with traditional dressmaking techniques and close attention to detail.

Handmade with love in Texas!

Outer: 100% Wool Felt
Body lining: Polyester Cuddle Fleece
Sleeve Lining: Polyester Peau de Soie

Dry clean only.

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