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1 for 1 Program: Tween Cotton Mask Trio in Willa Heart Prints for Ages 8-14
1 for 1 Program: Tween Cotton Mask Trio in Willa Heart Prints for Ages 8-14

1 for 1 Program: Tween Cotton Mask Trio in Willa Heart Prints for Ages 8-14

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While staying at home is certainly the safest place for all, wearing protective face masks may become part of our lives for the foreseeable future. 

With the goal of making cotton face masks available to as many children as possible as quickly as possible, we are introducing our 1 for 1 cotton mask program. 

For every mask purchased we are donating an adult mask or a child mask to a mother or child in need.

These reusable non-surgical face masks for ages 8-14 are made of fine-weave 100% cotton fabric in our wonderful Willa Heart prints and lined with a 100% cotton lawn. 

  • Adjustable design fits children ages 8-14
  • Machine washable - Wash before first use.
  • Soft, stretchy ear loops are adjustable, non-irritating and easy to put on
  • Two layers of soft 100% cotton fabric
  • Measures 7.5" by 3" with two expanding box pleats 
  • Ship in 7-10 business days
  • Made in McKinney, TX by our Little Goodall sewists


Tips for Effective Mask Use


  • As on an airplane, put on your own mask before you help your child put on theirs. Not only are you setting the example, but it's more fun to match! Talk about heroes that wear masks (like doctors and nurses, or Spiderman), and why you are wearing them when you go out or spend time around other people.
  • Make sure the mask fits correctly and your child can breathe easily. Check on them frequently . Never put a mask on a sleeping child. We do not recommend masks for children under the age of two, or those who cannot easily remove the mask themselves. These masks have soft knit loops that go over the ears because they go on and off easily and do not wrap all the way around the head.
  • It can be difficult to recognize people in masks out in public, especially if everyone is wearing bulky winter clothing. Do something to make your mask easily recognizable to your child, even if it's as simple as pinning a rainbow button to the side of whatever mask you are wearing that day.
  • Carry a few clean masks in a baggie in your handbag so you always have them at hand. If you can, pack an extra one to give away - you might meet a mama who would be extremely grateful for the gift.
  • Adjust the ear loops by making a knot to find the most comfortable fit for your child. 
  • Wash the mask after each wearing. Having different colors and prints will help ensure that they do not put on one that was just worn previously.