Spring Cleaning

As my thoughts turn to designing our (first ever) Spring/Summer 2014 collection, it became glaringly obvious that the studio needed some serious editing.  Fresh space, fresh ideas, right?  Here is what the work table used to look like:

Needless to say it does not look like that now. We are about halfway through the re-organize, I'll share a snap when it's done. ANYWAY, in the process I came upon a stash of my old design portfolios from college which provided a diversion from the (daunting) task at hand. I thought you might enjoy them too. Don't laugh too hard, these are from 1996-1997 so the clothing styles are definitely dated.

So this is the cover page of my senior year childrenswear portfolio - sort of like a designer's resume. The cover page is meant to serve as an intro to the style of the designer and can be playful. My maiden name was Baver (see why I went with Little Goodall?). It seems I was already more interested in drawing animals than regular clothing, I just hadn't combined the two yet. I'm loving that ostrich.

A group of party clothes in pleated and quilted silks, modeled by some romantic mice. My son just asked me if it was Angelina Ballerina. I don't know if she was around back then, but they aren't far off.

These are all drawn in pencil and painted with gouache. Look at those two gossiping in the back!

A two page spread of infant playclothes, styled like paper dolls.

With fabric and knit swatches, of course.

And for the boys!

Shamrocks and stripes from a few years later - playing around with some summer ideas for girls.

The shamrock pattern was clipped from my friend's wedding invite. I still like that little pink jacket...

..and that green jacket!  No longer sure about the circus tent of a striped dress.

Love the girlie on the end with the sunglasses and pigtails.  She looks like summer to me.

So back to the present, I've ordered some beautiful linens and soft cotton prints for next spring, beyond excited for them to arrive. In the meantime - I'll have a new coat style in the blog next week.

Oh yes!  The winner of the Heartfelt Valentine's Jumper, drawn at random by my four year old is:

Congratulations Jennifer!  I'll be in touch for your address!

And a heartfelt thank you to all who commented, I plan on many more giveaways in the future of this little blog.  You are so sweet to stop by!



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