Spring Bunnies

Growing up, it always seemed that the first sign of spring was a new dress for Easter.  Before these days of fast fashion (the bikinis are in stores in January), when you were absolutely sick of your heavy winter clothes but still needed them, the Easter dresses would sprout in the department stores amongst rows of marked down winter merchandise like crocuses in old snow.  Discarding coat, hat, scarf, mittens, etc. in the dressing room to try on pastels and florals with wide satin sashes was like morphing from a snowman into a princess.  The resulting purchase carried home in a dress bag was a promise of warmer days to come.  Sometimes my Mom or grandmother made my Easter dress, which was equally exciting with trips to the fabric store and numerous fittings required to complete the project. In any case, when the big day finally arrived, the main event for littles was always the egg hunt.  Shoes were shined, dresses pressed, hair curled or braided, and when we were finally ready to go....Mother Nature somehow had not received the memo and that little cotton cardigan was not going to do the trick.  So more often than not, out came the winter coat, and I was forced to hunt eggs as a bizarre winter/spring hybrid, much to my shame until I discovered all the other egg hunters were in the same boat.

These ruminations were the inspiration for my latest, the Honey Bunny.  Honey because it comes in classic shades of champage and camel, and bunny, because, well...

I feel we walk a fine line with rabbits because they are so darn cute and kiddos are so darn cute and we therefore risk cuteness overload.  So this bunny has clean, classic styling to enhance and not overwhelm.  Those sleeves?  They fold down for a perfect length for several years.  The beautiful welt pockets fit a chilly hand or an Easter egg each and are lined in the contrasting color.  And the ears?

They speak for themselves! Four vintage horn buttons keep out the wind, and the length is cropped to show off a twirly skirt or pressed trousers. Trousers, because this is also available in a beautiful Peter Rabbit blue and camel combo for little boy rabbits.

So that's the latest from Little Goodall - for beloved little bunnies everywhere, available in limited quantities in sizes 12M, 2T, 3T, and 4T.

Bunnies available here!

This is my mom, Mary Scott, in her Easter finest. I love the little corsage.

I think she wants a bunny coat! 


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