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Dutch Lions

Have you visited Coaters?Coaters is the darling webshop of our exclusive distributor for the Netherlands and Belgium. At the beginning of the year, Gitta, the owner of Coaters made a special request for an orange lion. An orange lion? It seems that orange lions are close to the hearts of many in the Netherlands. Deeply rooted in Dutch history, lions are featured prominently on the country's coat of arms. The royal arms were adopted by the first king of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, William I, Prince of Orange. Every ruling member of the Nassau family uses the motto "The Princedom of Orange". The history is fascinating! Accordingly, a fierce orange lion represents the Dutch national football (soccer) team. My husband, who is from the UK and soccer mad, confirmed this and we went ahead with our Dutch Lion prototype (now he wants a lion for England too).

Around the studio we are wild for this little guy with his thick orange mane and super cozy 70% wool felt body.

Did you know all the beautiful wool felts we use at Little Goodall are made right here in the USA?

As a happy coincidence, there seem to be many Dutch Lion FC soccer teams across the US also with orange lions as their mascots.  We can just imagine a little team outfitted in these over their soccer kit:

By the way, the swingy lion tails are detachable - for bike riding around the Netherlands of course! 

If you are in the EU and need a Dutch lion, do contact Coaters.

If you are in the US, drop me a line!

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