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A Little Luxe: Love is in the Details

I have had many questions as to why our Honey Bunnies were on sale this summer - since their introduction in 2013 they have been one of Little Goodall's most popular styles. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and as soon as one design is finished I'm dreaming of ways to make it softer, cozier, warmer, cuter, and more comfortable. My evolution of the original bunny coats are the Luxe Bunnies, which I am so happy to introduce for Fall 2014.

Little Goodall Luxe Bunny 2014

Let's start with the inside and work out. To upgrade the lining, I chose a delicious organic cotton sherpa, which is milled in the USA. It's as soft and cozy as it gets.

Showing off the sherpa

One of the nice features of all my coats is that I always use a slick lining in the sleeves. It's a small detail, but if you have ever tried to work little arms into sleeves which are lined in a grippy fabric you know it is not fun for either participant. I am all about peaceful, easy dressing, so the Luxe Bunny sleeves are lined in pink peau du soie, which is a bit thicker than the charmeuse I usually use.

Pink Poly Peau du Soie - say that three times fast.

So now for the fun part - the felt!  Last year I was thrilled to find a source for the plushest, smoothest, most luxurious 100% Wool Felt which is made in Europe by mills that have been doing it forever.  The color card alone made me swoon!  The higher the wool content, the warmer the felt, so 100% woolfelt is as toasty as it gets.  The main color is a lovely neutral almond color, and the ears and sleeve cuffs are a gentle blush pink. 

The pockets are lined in the blush pink. Like all good tailors, we sew them partially closed during construction, so don't forget to snip them open for those cold little hands!

I could not be happier with the result - darling coats made from the finest materials, using traditional tailoring, in a style which even grumpy bunnies long to put on and play in. Oh - and as always, made with love in Texas!

Sweet and neat

Stay tuned for several other new additions and improved favorites this fall. In the meantime, find a little luxury for your dear ones here or in my etsy store here. Autumn is just around the corner!

Those ears!

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