Blithe Blue Dinosaur Coat - Previous Lining

Blithe Blue Dino Flat.jpg
Blithe Blue Dino Flat.jpg

Blithe Blue Dinosaur Coat - Previous Lining

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These coats are on sale because we occasionally change the fabric we use to sew the linings, and this stock has the lining used previous to the current lining. They are not flawed in any way.

Our Blithe Blue Dinosaur coat is fully equipped with soft felt claws and teeth, a ridged hood, back, and tail, and a quilted tummy panel. Crafted entirely of soft wool blend felt and fully lined, this is one coat you may have a challenge getting your child to take off. Perfect for a fall trip to the Natural History Museum, cute and cozy with a pair of jeans.

Closes down the front with three shiny black buttons. Side seam pockets. Coat is dry clean only.

Outer 70% wool, 30% rayon

Lining: 100% polyester

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